15 Maret 2013
Social Entrepreneurship Project
Social Entrepreneurship Project is a project to raise society awareness, especially youth in Jakarta, of social business. Social Business is a new model of business that is newly emerged. What makes social business different with other models of business is that the profit from social business is used to fulfill clear social mission and make positive impact to society. This Project is also one of AIESEC UI ways to engage youth nowadays to AIESEC.
I’m encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun.” -Muhammad Yunus-
Today with social and economic inequality growing worldwide, millions of people are connected by the idea that it is possible to do business on a human scale. That it is possible to make money and do something good for the community. That idea is called social entrepreneurship.
Social Entrepreneurship is a new and creative approach to business, social engagement, and social services. Today there are numerous organizations operating worldwide that you called Social Enterprises or Social Business. A social enterprise is just like any other business. Its work is charged that market rates and it generates profit. What makes it a business on a human scale is the way that profit is used. Profit serves to fulfill clear social missions. Social enterprises do not serve to enlarge the wealth of their owners or share holders. They operate in order to contribute to social equality and improve the living conditions of people in the community. Generated profit is reimbursed into business or in realizing social goals, like job creation, social inclusion, cultural needs, health care, and preservation of the environment. A social enterprise places social goals and also increases their profit. It uses business as a means of social change and resolves social problem through market strategies.
AIESEC UI realizes how impactful social entrepreneurship can be in Jakarta. However there are still few people who recognize social enterprises in Jakarta despite the impact it can make to society. That is why AIESEC UI determines to introduce this business to society, so youth can be aware of what social entrepreneurship is and furthermore we hope they can be inspired by what this business do and do the same thing for their society. This project is also made to engage more youth to AIESEC.
National Essay Competition
A national essay Competition is for College students all around Indonesia. This competition explores Creativity and innovative ideas from College students to develop social entrepreneurship in Indonesia. The theme of the essay is “Role of Social Business to Face the Development of Era”. Then, the best 50 people will be able to expand their knowledge and meaningful experience by being included in the next event of Social Entrepreneurship Project.
Total Prize: 20 millions rupiahs + Promotion Day, Field Trip & Gala Dinner
Date: February 7th 2013-March 4th 2013
Announcement: March 15th 2013
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